about endoplasm

Endoplasm is the liquid material in the center of cells outside the nucleus. It is the fluid matrix within which all the cytoplasmic organelles are found. This rich, colloidal mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids is the very stuff of life; it is the medium in which myriad chemical reactions required for life occur. In large cells such as amoebae and giant algal cells, the endoplasm can be seen to flow back and forth through the cell interior by cytoplasmic streaming caused by the contraction of the cytoskeleton. This motion helps distribute nutrients and newly synthesized products throughout the cell.

Inspired by cell biology from my childhood and undergraduate studies, I chose the name “endoplasm” to indicate a space of the “in between”. My writings vary from philosophical and ethnographic pieces which attempt to deconstruct spaces of the cultural and political to writings on aesthetics, narrative and discourses of identity, the body and violence. The endoplasmatic nature of these pieces comes from their questioning of rigid notions of identity and an opening up of discourses of the interstitial–that fluid space between.

In an era in which identity politics is beginning is downward spiral into the “dude” culture of thought which is presented in 40 characters or less, I dedicate endoplasm as that space for thoughts that attempt to be clearly evoked and cogently elaborated. In the end, I welcome your comments and dialogues (see the link to e-mail) about any and all subjects in this virtual salon which I hope will very well provoke thought that leads to some form of action and change within the individual and the social.